I have always been  interested in the existence of all objects.
I wondered  how the object came into existence and use my imagination see
these objects in a way that the person wouldn't.
Why have I been interested in these things?
I have always imagined the sign of the people who was born and process of
the creation.  Even there are lots of trial and errors through the birth.
When I was little, playing by myself, I was surprised at my existence.
I gazed at my hand wondering about my existence,
when a switch in my hand went off,and I found that Yoshiyuki kuwana is just here.
At the same time,
I felt the world through on understanding of my surrounding environment,
world, process, as a scene in life.

Now, when I look at my hand, I am no-longer surprised .
As people getting older, this power of surprise is fading away.
( If people surprise whenever something happened,,,, there should be some reason to be alive. ) 
To cover the power of surprise, the power of imagination grows,
and this imagination enriches the life.
Nowadays, lots of things are produced, expended, and overlooked. New model,
unusual model, convenient model,,,, too much production to take care.
People are getting forgetting the appreciation of the things that were born, produced, and here.

Naturally, it is difficult to eexistf. Adversely, it is ordinary not to exist in the world.

To exist is often overlooked, and surely this world is going into theenihilistic worldfto me.
That is the reason eexist' should be more appreciated, respected,
and affirmed, otherwise, everything will disappear.
We certainly exist at present.
We have to reconfirm it and all the other things exist in the same world,
otherwise, everything will disappear rapidly.
Imagine all the things which exist, or everything will disappear.
Imagination is the power of existence.
No matter the size of it...             

@uCabbage? Man?v@110x130x90@
@@beniyaboard, acrlic, wood, drumcan